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Structural Correction

As the only certified Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC™) practitioner in the four corners, I address and correct structure and posture like no other local practitioners can.  The results for the entire body are simply amazing.  The above pre/post photo is relaxed posture - the client is not trying to stand up straight.  See my ABC™ page for details:   


Calm/Reset Your Nervous System

We live in hectic times, and many of us bring past stressors and traumas to our present lives, never letting us fully live in the present.  By combining a unique set of at home and in clinic techniques, your sympathetic nervous system can be reset.  Clink on the "Nervous System" link on the menu bar.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics have a unique way of restoring optimal foot biomechanics.   Having a stable foot platform affects all the rest of your body.

Click on "Foot Orthotics" on the menu bar for more information.

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